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There are three ways in which you can pay your Astrohosts bill:

Credit card via Paypal | Electronic transfer | Cheque by post


Credit and debit card payments via the PayPal System

Please enter your invoice or customer name/ ID:
Please enter the amount on your bill in £ sterling (GBP):

If you have Internet or telephone banking, or even those who can fill in a bank giro slip over the counter, we prefer direct payments by BGC/BACS.

You will find our account details on the invoice you have been sent or you can email us for the details.

Do drop us an email when you send money this way, so that it receives prompt attention when it arrives.


Of course we accept old fashioned methods of payment, such as cheques payable to Astro Services. or even cash if sent in registered brown envelopes.

Cheques should be sent to:

12, Strawberry Close,
TR15 1HE

We will send you a receipt by post upon request
We do not charge VAT and are not currently VAT registered.

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